Four new names: Davy Force, Jack Manning, Joe Start and Will White. This poll will close Wednesday at midnight.

8 Bob Addy
3 Tommy Bond 2nd
8 Asa Brainard
4 John Clapp 9th
8 Candy Cummings 7th
8 Jim Devlin
3 Bob Ferguson 3rd
8 Wes Fisler 10th
1 Davy Force
3 Chick Fulmer
8 George Hall
8 Joe Leggett 6th
7 Andy Leonard
3 Fergie Malone
1 Jack Manning
3 Levi Meyerle 4th
8 Peter O’Brien
6 Lip Pike 5th
8 Tom Pratt
8 Charley Smith 7th
1 Joe Start
1 Will White
8 Jimmy Wood
2 Tom York 10th

Bob’s ballot:

I figure I might as well go back to voting first. I am more worried that I might be thought to be manipulating the vote than I am worried about influencing the vote. I figure I’ve either convinced you to the merits of Start, Mathews, Leggett and Smith with my postings under the 1891 election thread or I haven’t. Seeing HOW I vote shouldn’t make much of a difference anymore; you probably could’ve guessed my ballot anyway. Anywho…

1. Joe Start
2. Joe Leggett
3. Charley Smith
4. Jimmy Wood
5. Wes Fisler
6. Lip Pike
7. Levi Meyerle
8. Bob Ferguson
9. Tom Pratt
10. Fergie Malone

The interesting battle to me will be watching how you guys differentiate between Tommy Bond and Will White.

Terry’s ballot:

1. Joe Start
2. Joe Leggett
3. Charley Smith
4. Tommy Bond
5. Levi Meyerle
6. Lip Pike
7. Will White
8. Tom York
9. Candy Cummings
10. Wes Fisler


98 Joe Start
46 Tommy Bond
32 Bob Ferguson
31 Lip Pike
30 Charley Smith
29 Levi Meyerle
26 Joe Leggett
22 Will White
20 Tom York
19 John Clapp
16 Wes Fisler
15 Candy Cummings
11 Jimmy Wood
8 Davy Force
4 Chick Fulmer
3 Tom Pratt
2 Peter O’Brien
1 Fergie Malone

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