Only two new names to add: Doug Allison and John Clapp. The ballot:

1 Doug Allison
5 Bob Addy
5 Asa Brainard 9th
1 John Clapp
5 Candy Cummings 7th
5 Jim Devlin
5 Wes Fisler 10th
5 Charley Gould
5 George Hall
5 Joe Leggett 8th
4 Andy Leonard
5 Dick McBride 4th
5 Cal McVey 2nd
5 Peter O’Brien
5 Dickie Pearce 2nd
3 Lip Pike 5th
5 Tom Pratt
5 Charley Smith
5 Jimmy Wood
5 Harry Wright 6th
5 George Zettlein

Bob’s ballot:

1. Leggett
2. McBride
3. Pearce
4. Smith
5. McVey
6. Wood
7. Fisler
8. Pike
9. Pratt
10. Allison

Write-in: John O’Rourke

Off-hand note: Pike was banned for life after the 1878 season. In his final game with the Grays, it seems he made two errors in the ninth inning that cost them the game. He was released because some members thought it was intentional, and he was subsequently banned. He was released earlier that year by Cincinnati, also under some peculiar circumstances, as he was hitting .324 at the time.
Was he guilty? I think probably not. You have to remember that the year before, Hall, Devlin and Nichols had been banned for throwing the pennant. It was the climate of the times to suspect anyone who had a key error. And to make two? He did play for non-NL teams in ’79, ’80 and ’81, and when the Ruby Legs of Worchester had their centerfielder go down, they employed Pike for 5 games, altho he didn’t play well and was released. So obviously the lifetime ban was lifted, I assume, because there was no evidence to support it (there was probably a chain of custody issue).

Terry’s ballot:

1. Dickie Pearce
2. Dick McBride
3. Joe Leggett
4. Lip Pike
5. Cal McVey
6. Charley Smith
7. Asa Brainard
8. Candy Cummings
9. John Clapp
10. Doug Fisler


97 Dickie Pearce
86 Cal McVey
67 Dick McBride
47 Lip Pike
35 Harry Wright
30 Joe Leggett
28 John Clapp
24 Asa Brainard
24 Candy Cummings
21 Wes Fisler
16 Charlie Smith
11 Jimmy Wood
9 Jim Devlin
8 George Hall and Tom Pratt
6 Peter O’Brien
4 Bob Addy and Andy Leonard
3 Doug Allison
2 Charley Gould
1 George Zettlein

Two people had John O’Rourke as write-ins, so he will go on the 1890 ballot as well.

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